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interesting subdomains & wildcards note on shared hosting (2 posts)

  1. gibcosta
    Posted 14 years ago #

    ok, so i have shared hosting with godaddy and bluehost, hopefully if and when they pick up momentum i can consolidate them and move to a vps or dedicated, but for now they seem to be fine.

    now, i've seen a lot of talk on here about how shared hosts are no good for larger multi-user blogs, which i understand and will look to deal with that later on, hopeing all goes well with these sites. however, i am using two very dissed shared hosts right now, the dreaded godaddy and bluehost. stangely enough, both of these seem to be working perfectly for me using subdomains, on dedicated ips, with buddypress and bbpress installed. (i'm also very new to all this, having only really found out about wp 10 days ago and with no prior php, mySQL training other than google and forums ) - what i'm asking is could someone go and test register at my vanilla install at to check if this is working as it should do for subdomains on mu - i haven't had to activate wildcard domains, and was told by bluehost that they won't even do this.

    the godaddy site, also seems to work fine, i asked them to activate wildcards which they did, and i have the basic "deluxe" shared hosting with a dedicated ip, again everything seems to be working fine - new subdomains are automatically set-up and it all seems fine under my testing. i'll hand out url for this one a bit later to test as i want to make a few more tweaks first.

    however, of all the bad press on here i've read in the last week or so about running MU with subdomains on godaddy, bluehost, etc shared hosting, i don't seem to have had any problems at all with them. (i understand bandwidth, ram etc could be a problem if these sites picked up a hundred or so active users, but they seem fine now with subdomains, even without the wildcards)

    what i am asking is am i being lulled into a false sense of security, is my vanilla MU install really working as it should at, i'm pretty new to this, so if anyone could tell me if i'm missing something here and it's not getting the optimum potential out of the MU setup, i'd really like to know, i'm surprised it seems to be working, particularly as the bluehost tech said "no wildcards", likewise the godaddy install seems to be working great too and is also automating subdomains on new blogs in the same way. Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated.

    Also, I'm sure it's best to start straight on a VPS or dedicated server, but the cost is greater at this stage, could someone explain to me the main difficulties of moving a site over to a vps/dedicated from shared hosting.

  2. tdjcbe
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Well that convinces me. :)

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