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LDAP plugin and AD Integration issues (2 posts)

  1. nightyear
    Posted 14 years ago #


    I just got the LDAP plugin working where it auths against Active Directory successfully. The problem is that it works inconsistently, sometimes throwing an "ERROR: Account creation from LDAP failed" message. I've made sure that each account has a unique email address and user info, and that the account I'm using to browse the tree has rights to those users/containers. The AD controller itself is really lightly utilized, so I don't see contention being the issue.

    I'm not seeing anything in the system logs on the wordpress hosting system, nor can I see any failed auth info on the AD controller, and I've made sure the Windows local security policies are set to log everything, failure or success.

    Is there a way I can tweak the logging on the linux/wordpress side so that it'll show me a bit more about what's going on?

    Jason Beatty

  2. axelseaa
    Posted 13 years ago #

    This is either because the username your pulling from AD does not have a valid email - or because the user your logging in with is using the same email that is set for the site admin. Wordpress only allows an email address to be associated with a single account.

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