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main blog seems bugged while the rest are fine (8 posts)

  1. edanlee
    Posted 15 years ago #

    i have just installed mu and have setup 2 extra blogs for test purposes, the test blogs work fine while the main blog i cant login to in ie7 with either name but if i go to domain/testblog and login it works fine, not only that but the wysiwyg editer on the main blog is gone and the visual and html tabs are disabled, i have gone into my profile and turned on the visual editor and thats when i see the tabs but cant change them, but if i turn off the visual editor the tabs are gone. i have turned off all plugins thinking it was a plugin that caused this, also i have checked my error log and its empty. its only with the main blog. is there a way to delete the main blog ina mu and try to remake one as main with out having to reinstall everything? my hands are tied and i have no ideas on what else to do. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. andrea_r
    Posted 15 years ago #

    No, you can't delete and reinstall just the main blog without re-installing the entire thing.

    *Remove* all the plugins and everything in mu-plugins. Then clear your browser cache and try using the visual editor again.

    "but if i turn off the visual editor the tabs are gone."

    Because that's what that little checkbox does. :)

  3. edanlee
    Posted 15 years ago #

    i hope 2 post dont come from this cause i just finished adding a post and it never showed up, but i did what you asked andrea,

    i deleted all plugins in mu-plugins and deactivated ALL plugins in the plugins folder, deleted browsing data, cookies and all and refreshed to no change. still does not work,

    keep in mind andrea that the other blogs work flawlessly. so im not thinking it to be a file in the mu-plugins folder but either way i did what you asked.

  4. andrea_r
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Then start poking aroudn the in the database, look in wp_1_options for anything out of place, like 200 duplicate records. ;)

  5. edanlee
    Posted 15 years ago #

    lol, maybe i should just bite my lip and delete the whole directory and upload it all back and remove tables in db also do a squeaky clean install.

  6. oregondean
    Posted 15 years ago #

    You are not alone ... I have a 2.6.5 install that has worked well (under prior versions) for a year. All of my blogs have visual editor tabs and visual editor is selected for all users.

    The original blogs all open into the visual editor and things work fine. Except for one.

    That one old blog and all new blogs show both the Visual and HTML tabs, but they load as HTML with visual tab highlighted. Mousing over the HTML and Visual Tabs show both as links but the window always stays HTML no matter what is clicked on. (Verified in Firefox & Safari-OS X and IE & Firefox-Vista).

    So this looks like a database issue, perhaps a plug-in issue since the editor is there and the tab is drawn. Something is going wrong when the new messgae screen is being drawn. I am going to test my plug-ins and look at the actual source code presented to the browser fro a site that is working and one that isn't.

    If you already know the answer I'm all ears ...

    Theme - Tarski

    Active Plug-ins
    Plugin Commander 1.1.3
    Raven's Antispam 2.0.1
    Subscribe2 4.12
    Subscribe2 Counter Widget 4.12
    Subscribe2 widget 1.3
    Swith Blog URL 0.1
    WordPress Database Backup 2.2.2
    WordPress Hashcash 4.2
    WordPress MU Recent Posts 0.31
    WordPress MU Recent Posts by User 0.1
    WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages 0.2
    WP-Mail-SMTP 0.8.2
    WP-phpMyAdmin 2.10.3
    WPMU Blog Defaults 1.0.2
    WPMU Site-Wide Recent Posts w/Gravatar 1.2
    * not all plug ins are being actively used - some are for evaluation right now.

    I'll be back ...


  7. andrea_r
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Check for javascript errors with any debugging tools you have. The Visual Editor will get knocked out and stop working if there is even the tiniest javascript conflict.
    And check your error logs too.

  8. oregondean
    Posted 15 years ago #

    I disabled most of the plugins. Left only two or three that I was actively using and visual editor is back and well. (I kept Subscribe2 4.12, Subscribe2 Counter Widget 4.12, Subscribe2 widget 1.3, WP-Mail-SMTP 0.8.2, and removed everything from the MU-plugin folder as well)

    Another user error also went away. I was able to duplicate the error on IE/Vista (but all was well on MAc and Firefox/Vista) where the user could SAVE a new post but not PUBLISH.

    I'll post back when I identify the rogue plugin. I did learn, apparently, that just having a plugin in the plugins folder can be a source of problems even if it is not activated.

    I am also curious as to why this affected some blogs but not all. I presume (but need to verify) that I added a plugin after I created the initial blogs such that it was activated for new blogs but not older ones.


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