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Sub-sub-directory blogs (3 posts)

  1. Wuogger
    Posted 15 years ago #

    I'm the webmaster at a non-profit, college radio station (, and we're currently working on moving the entire legacy site to Wordpress MU.

    It would be great to have the ability to do sub-sub directories. For example, we have music shows, which because of copyright issues stop us from allowing downloads. Having this type of content differentiated for the user by being in a different sub-sub directory.

    So: is the Wordpress MU installation

    Could there be a blog?

    The ideal would be having: which aggregates every blog inside of /streaming. If there's a solution to the first, I can probably figure out this one.


  2. andrea_r
    Posted 15 years ago #


    Make sure you're set up using subfolders (which is kinda of a well duh, but anyway :D )

    Make a blog called "streaming". Then it will be

    On the streaming blog, make a special page template. Cal it organic_compound. Actually, you can call it anythign you like, just give it that page slug. make sure for that page, you select the special page template you just made.

    on that page template, use some fancy plugins freely available to pull in whatever code you like.

    Also, if you use Donncha's sitewide tags plugin, you can set it to aggregate all the posts to /streaming/.

    Just cuz it says tags, doesn't mean that's all it does. :D

  3. Wuogger
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Looks like I need to do some more research on page slugs. Glad to know it's possible. We're trying to make the 300+ volunteer radio station use Wordpress MU as much as possible.

    Long. Haul.

    Thanks so much!

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