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Dashboard Warning (5 posts)

  1. Indeedle
    Posted 13 years ago #

    So I have another admin on my blogging system, just because we usually admin together.

    Anyway, he mistook the main site for his own personal blog, and published a personal post in our news feed which was lovely.

    Anyway, so I had to put a warning on the main blog so that anyone using it is aware it's not their personal blog. Since I wrote a quick plugin for it I thought I'd share it.

    Basically it works like this. You edit the HTML in the file (it's extremely basic, I designed it to set up once and go) and then install it. Activate it on the blog you want the warning for. If you're using the SA plugin filtering thing, then you can hide the plugin from normal blogs.

    Screenshot: (The blank space is me blanking my site name. Why? I've no idea)

    There's probably something that already does this, but I couldn't find anything. My method is seriously low-budget, no options page. Just hooks into the dashboard to add it just like the RSS feed does.

    My page for it is here -> link
    Download it here -> link

  2. Ovidiu
    Posted 13 years ago #

    sorry, but since the upgrade to wpmu 2.7 if you are logged in as site_admin you'll get a warning in the dashboard, i.e.

    Hi admin! You're logged in as a site administrator.
    so that seems to do exactly what your plugin does, right?

  3. Indeedle
    Posted 13 years ago #

    In this case not quite. The "you are logged in as a site administrator" appears site-wide, I created this to make it absolutely obvious you weren't on your own personal blog.

    Situation was my other admin posted a personal blog post to the main blog, not realizing it wasn't his own person one. I wrote this so whenever you're on the main blog it pretty much grabs your attention and tells you to be careful.

    The built in feature isn't quite the same.

  4. spherical
    Posted 13 years ago #

    The way I keep myself clued as to which blog backend I'm in is by using Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu

    which has a range of really great colors for its bar along the top (gets rid of the bar on the left). Never go wrong as to which blog I'm working on when the colors are unique. You can use the ones provided or select your own. For an even wider range, if you've got a potful of blogs, turn the shade off on some, so that the color is flat.

  5. Indeedle
    Posted 13 years ago #

    That's pretty neat ^_^

    I was just after a low-tech, really really obvious "watch out" warning-type message for a particular blog :)

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