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Is there a "close to stable" release? (6 posts)

  1. frankpereiro
    Posted 18 years ago #

    Hi everyone,

    I have installed and deleted all the files of WPMU like "I don't know how many times", trying to figure out the mistakes I have problably made during installation.

    Anyway, I have seen sites running WPMU successfully but I still get a number of errors too long mention. I can't even get to access any subdomains that I'm trying to set as new blogs.

    Is there a release close to being stable or we just have to wait until that moment comes?

    Regards to all,

  2. andrea_r
    Posted 18 years ago #

    Well, one suggestion to try (if you don't mind possibly beating your head in frustration again) is to install a build that people are using that they *know* works on their set up.

    If it doesn't work, then you've narrowed it down to something in your setup. If it *does* work, then you'll know it was the latest build.

    (and then there's a chance you'll get a completely new set of errors, thus blowing my theory out of the water.)

  3. frankpereiro
    Posted 18 years ago #

    Thanks for your answer. That's what I'm looking for, I mean, a past release that some people are using and it works ok in their setup.

    The thing is that in the download page we don't have a choice to download other release than the latest unstable build.

  4. drmike
    Posted 18 years ago #

    You can get older downloads from here. I'm using the one dated 4/7 so anytime after that close to that date should be fine.

  5. andrea_r
    Posted 18 years ago #

    I'm using one from around Feb 16th.

    (Thansk for adding the link drmike, I forgot completely.)

  6. frankpereiro
    Posted 18 years ago #

    I give up.

    It's been two full days trying to get my multi blog site running and maybe I'm getting sick and stressed. I uploaded and deleted files many many times and my eyes are about to pop up.

    Maybe I don't know how to set it up or something, or maybe I'm just plain dumb.

    Anyway, I hope sometime soon we can all use this MU edition of WP in a stable release.

    Thanks for the help and see you around :-)

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