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Wordpress or Wordpress MU? (2 posts)

  1. samlester
    Posted 15 years ago #


    I'm currently setting up a few different sites on different domains (not subdomains) which use Wordpress for different things (e.g. site cms, blog engine, fav gallery) but they need to share the same user database and cookies so that a user can login at one site and be logged in at the others. Is this sort of setup more easily accomplished in Wordpress or Wordpress MU?

    A few possible solutions I've been looking at are:

    • Wordpress MU and this plugin to map the different domains. (Does Wordpress MU automatically share users between blogs?)
    • Multiple Wordpress installs using the same database and different prefixes sharing the user database using this method. (I'm not sure how this would work with the cookies)

    What do you think? Do you know a better method?


  2. pumpkinpatch
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Depends on how many is a "few".
    What hosting infrastructure and experience do you have?
    Do you plan to add more sites in the future?
    Are you going to be the Admin for all the sites?

    As far as "Single user able to login in to multiple (or selected) sites": IMO WP mu is the easier one.

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