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sub-dir install, confused between default blog and /blog (2 posts)

  1. phipps
    Posted 15 years ago #

    I just installed the latest version of WP-MU (sub-directory option) on a Dreamhost server. No error messages. After the installation, I was unable to log-in. I eventually figured out (sheer luck) that manually adding "/blog" to the URLs after the domain name sorted it out.

    URLs of the form:

    worked, whereas

    did not work. I don't remember specifying "blog" anywhere during the installation and would like to use WP-MU to server the home-page of the site (without the need to insert /blog into the URL).

    All links at the default blog at point to the wrong places.

    This is not an issue for future blogs set-up on the server, which can live without the /blog addition. For example, I created a new blog at

    This is my first real WP MU attempt, so this could be something very obvious (but not so obvious that I found it in the forums). Any help appreciated!

  2. phipps
    Posted 15 years ago #

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