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Sticky Order (2 posts)

  1. DeannaS
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Has anyone written anything to order the sticky posts? They shoved into an array on creation, so they come out in the that order by default. Someone wrote a WP plugin pre-sticky-in-the-core, and it works, but it doesn't use the core stickyness at all, and it seems fairly resource intensive. So, I just thought I'd check. (Did google, but didn't find anything.)

  2. tdjcbe
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Hmmm, that's actually an interesting question. Good point as well.

    I'd raise a ticket on the regular wp trac and let the developers look at it. At the very least, they should be in reversed datetime stamp order like the normal display of posts are. Is that what it's doing currently? I haven't even bothered to look to be honest. If they're not in reversed datetime stamp order, I'd call that an issue.

    If they are in reversed datetime stamp order (I should have copied and pasted that.) I'd just modify the timestamps.

    Setting order would be a good idea for a plugin though.

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