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Email Verification (2 posts)

  1. marlesna
    Posted 14 years ago #


    Does anyone know how to turn off the email verification in WPMU. Our registration is blocking all emails.

  2. sbrajesh
    Posted 14 years ago #

    First of all,It will be helpfull,if you can post which version f wpmu you are using.
    The some check list:-
    Login as site administrator and go to
    SiteAdmin->Options check your "Limited Email Registrations" and "Banned Email Domains".If there is nothing unusual there ,then you can stop validation by changing a small portion of code.
    For example if you are using wordpress Mu 2.7.1
    check line number 931 in file wp-includes/wpmu-functions.php
    you will see the code like 'if ( !validate_email( $user_email ) )
    $errors->add('user_email', __("Please check your email address."));
    Just comment this blocck of code as
    '/*if ( !validate_email( $user_email ) )
    $errors->add('user_email', __("Please check your email address."));

    But ,please mind,It will permanently turnoff email validations for signup,which is not a good idea(at least not recommended)
    If you have still the problems,please post the message you get while registering with .org domains and more a link to your site.

    Hope it helps.

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