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subdomain problems (1 post)

  1. bloom
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I've got 2 WPMU installs running on my VPS. One is a subdirectory install on a subdomain (web.domain1.tld) and the other is a subdomain install on the root domain (domain2.tld). I'm going to discuss both installs here because they're on the same server running on the same db server and having the same problem, even with different install setups.

    I kept getting the mu.php line 740/741 error in the admin on both the web.domain1.tld install and on the domain2.tld install when logged into an subdomain admin (test.domain2.tld), but I turned off the admin bar in both installations and that issue went away. I'd like to find the reason for that error so I can turn the admin bar back on.

    My next issue is that in the admin on both web.domain1.tld and every instance of sub.domain2.tld if you click Site Admin > Blogs it says there are no blogs. If you click Site Admin > Users it says there are no users. Site Admin root says 0 blogs, 0 users, 0 posts. There are blogs, posts and users on both installations. The blogs are browsable at web.domain1.tld/blog2 and blog2.domain2.tld, they just don't show up in the admin. However, logged into domain2.tld/wp-admin I can see the blogs/users/posts/etc just fine.

    Another issue that is true on both web.domain1.tld/wp-admin and blog2.domain2.tld/wp-admin is that when I try to change any setting (alter password, change a setting, add a post, etc) I get the confirmation that the action was successful, but nothing changes. Whatever settings were in place before I made the change is what is in place when the screen refreshes. Remember that on the core (non-subdomain) admin for domain2.tld all of this works fine. When you throw a subdomain in the mix it all goes to hell.

    I've deleted all plugins. These are fresh installs, the domain2.tld site just got installed this morning.

    Is this a permissions problem? Some Apache setting or php.ini break? I'm completely at a loss.

    My VPS is a fresh setup at WiredTree, so if anyone has any tips for their servers I'd love to hear them.

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  • Started 13 years ago by bloom