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MU and active directory (4 posts)

  1. egiblock
    Posted 13 years ago #

    i've been around this topic for about 2 weeks now, and can not get the active directory syncing up with wordpressMu for user creation / authentication.

    i'm just trying to set up a base wordpressMu site with blogs below it for each department at work. that's all. i just can't seem to get the active directory plugin(s) to work at all..

    any help ?


  2. axelseaa
    Posted 13 years ago #

    Are you using the WPMU Ldap plugin ( If so, are you seeing the configuration screens? The important thing to remember is that the full dn is needed for the configuration options. For example, if you have a group OU called users, you would need to enter ou=users,dc=example,dc=com (or whatever the hierarchy of your AD setup is)_

  3. nbut
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I'm using the WPMU Ldap plugin from I've gotten the plugin to work successfully. However, the problem that I have is that I can't get it to work for two different domains in the search DN.

    For instance, in the search DN, I have:

    This works for users in that domain. Now, if I remove that in the search DN field and put:

    It works for users in that domain but not for users in the SchoolLS domain. Is there anyway I can get both to work? I've tried separating the two with semicolons, spaces, colons but it didn't work. For instance,


    Any help would be appreciated!

  4. rkdownes
    Posted 13 years ago #

    We have a similar "multi" issue like nbut asked about, but in our case with OUs. I'd like to either specify multiple OUs OR be able to specify a filter like "(!cn=students)".

    I might have to fall back to using the WPSI "Active Directory Authentication" site-wide and configuring it a bunch of times. This would probably work where I need a pre-defined list of blogs, but not in a auto-blog creation configuration.

    Better ideas or suggestions welcome.

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