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  1. matt
    Key Master
    Posted 19 years ago #

    I would discourage anyone from using the currently squatted domain because:

    1. You're working with someone whose business model is snatching hundreds of domains
    2. Building a project on someone else's trademark is very risky. Would you put an online portal on

    I'm sure Ric is a fantastic person, maybe we can just agree to disagree on squatting the domain of a successful Open Source project and refusing to sell or donate it.

    If anyone is looking to collaborate on some sort of WP MU project, I can provide nearly unlimited hosting resources and a legal and permanent domain.

  2. andrewbillits
    Posted 19 years ago #

    matt email hank about that. I've been worrying over the same thing. if he won't take you up on that offer, I will.

  3. gnukerman
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Point well made. We too are still available to help out in any way.

  4. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Gentlemen - this was NOT called for. I AM NOT A SQUATTER.
    I would have appreciated a least a call before the mudslinging started.
    Please see my full reply forthcoming at WordPress.Com

  5. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Let me make a few things clear:
    1) I do NOT ’snatch’ up domains. I PAY for them. Sometimes I pay ALOT.
    2) I have never made ANY money on any of the Open Domains. I have given quite a few away already.
    3) I do NOT have a business model. This is just a hobby. I am NOT rich. I am a Microsoft developer by trade, and I so I cannot help in WordPress development, but I can help in my own weird way by contributing the domain.

    This an honest offer for any wordpress developer to use the domain.

    Matt Mullenweg:
    I do not know how we got off on the wrong foot. I was floored the other day when I saw WordPress was featured in Popular Science. You have done a great job, and my negotiations have not been an attempt to take away from that. I am sorry for any problems.
    I also would like re-extend my offer: I will donate the domain to WordPress if you actually use it as part of the OpenDomain program.

  6. matt
    Key Master
    Posted 19 years ago #

    A sampling of other domains Ric is not squatting:

    Viagri.Com, Viigra.Com, UnderwearBowl.Com, LottoX.Com, DallasDesire.Com, MaleOrders.Com, RepoMen.Net, LingerieFootballLeague.Com, Lingriebowl.Com, MovableType.Net, Lolitia.Com, InterSexual.Org, VaginaWarrior.Org, and BisexualChic.Com.

    I'm sure your Ric's intentions for these domains is just as benevolent as he is for WordPress. While I applaud his ability to buy the domain from the previous squatter before WordPress was able to, I disagree on the point that he can use it better than we can, or that we should have to partner with him to use our own name.

  7. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Some of these domains are donated from other users.
    I DID purchased Viagri.Com and Viigra.Com myself - they each cost several hundred dollars each. I did this to PREVENT squatters from using them. Aint that a GOOD thing?

    I do NOT believe I can use WordPress.Com better than you. NOBODY can!

    You do not have to partner with me - I will give you the domain free and clear. I do ask that you link to the OpenDomain program - so that other people will become more aware on my own niche in the Open community.

    I do not know what I said to make the #1 Matt to disparage me, but I would like to apologize again. I do have your phone number – would you mind if I called you and tried to clear this up once and for all?

  8. andrewbillits
    Posted 19 years ago #

    matt, whenever you decide to start a project on, do me a favor and drop me an email. I would really like to help with the project but untill then i'm just going to step back from all of this arguing.



  9. matt
    Key Master
    Posted 19 years ago #

    "I will give you the domain free and clear"

    If you donate/transfer the domain I would be happy to link to OpenDomains from as a thank you, I'll even blog it on my site.

  10. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #


    My registry system is a SRS system (, and does not allow for automated transfers. If you contact em directly, I can facilitate this as well.

    To finalize this, please email me that you accept the terms found at:

    Also, I would like to request that you USE it with different content than WordPress.Org

  11. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Please do not make an announcement yet.
    I would like to see if we can also get a press release from St. Peter at the same time. You may also want to wait for the transfer to process, which can take a few days.

  12. gnukerman
    Posted 19 years ago #

    I have opted to stay out of this petty b.s. until this point, but I'm (catlike) curious(ly) inclined to ask you....

    What is "your" agenda? It's obiously not for the advancement of WP/WPMU. One only has to do a Google Search on your opinions to see that.

    I'd like to say "We" but will say "I" (if I may speak for those of us who have been here from the beginning, ((and I do not speak for anyone but myself))... the supportors of WP/WPMU) are here to advance the project to it's ultimate goal. (contradictory as this statement is)

    I'm perfectly willing and ready to accept any and all admonishment you wish to offer in challenge to my questions.

    You seem to be more on defense of yourself than to the advancement of WP/WPMU.

    We are here to build a future for what has already proven itself far beyond anyone's expectations and will continue far beyond .. .

    We have done so for the benefit of the community.
    We have and continue to do so for WPMU.
    We have and continue to do so without want of financial return.
    We have and continue to do so without playing stupid games.
    We have and continue to do so for the benefit of those without technical expertise to perform these tasks on their own.

    What is your goal?

    How do you offer any positive advancement to WordPress and/or WordPressMU with this petty wordplay?

    Perhaps you'll sit back and envision what damage you could be doing to our reputations by challenging the authenticity of what WordPress is and how it will ultimately impact the future of information exchange.

    I challenge you to correct and admonish anyone for any inconcistencies, inaccurate statements, wants, needs or personal opinions on the direction of the project.

    In closing, it would be best that any further discussion of this should be reserved to other forums than the WPmu support forum.

    We are here clearly for the positive advancement of the WPmu project and it is my hope everyone will help me stop this, here and now.

    Obviously this reply deserves a return, but if it's necessary I'll create a site strictly for the pods that wish to continue the negative bull this topic has generated.

    If you're so inclined to continue this let me know. I'll be happy to host a nowhere site for you to play your games.

    Otherwise, let's be professionals and continue our support of this project!

  13. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Was the above meant for me ???

    I know this forum is not for this issue - I raised that question a while ago. But I did not raise this issue in this forum- but I DID have to respond when it was raised in this forum.

    This is a rather vehement post, considering I was unaware of your stance on this until today and I have had the offer for quite a while. From my view, I am not the one being unprofessional.

    In any case, the above two posts show that I have given the domain to Matt. If you would like to show your appreciation for my generosity, I would gladly accept a donation to OpenDomain. I argued with my wife about buying a new car or this domain. My old car died just last week, but I still feel my decision to buy WordPress.Com was the right one. If you would like to recompense me, please feel free to FexEd me a new Acura. Or I would also accept your apology.

    Look at it from my point of view:
    I can not contribute DIRECTLY to WordPress development, because I am a Microsoft developer. So I CHOOSE to simply work hard at my job, and save extra money to buy domains from squatters. Then I GIVE these domains to Open source projects. I fail to see how this contribution is somehow less valid.

  14. HankGreen
    Posted 19 years ago #

    I've been drinking all night, so, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that Ric paid around several thousand dollars for the domain, and then gave it to matt, for free.

    What, exactly, are we complaining about?

    Lets all understand that people who own domains, controll them completely. Domains, by defnition, are not open. They are closed, controlled, can be used for almost any purpose imaginable. Ric is servicing this community, he's doing what he can to keep high profile domain names within the open source community.

    Call him a squatter, and it hurts him, but it doesn't change that he's doing a great thing for the community.

    If it weren't for him, would be porn, or spam, or worse. Who knows? He kept it from the true evil squatters and he deserves credit. Ric spent his hard earned cash to ensure that didn't become a useless domain for profiteering, and the start of a interminable and expensive lawsuit.

    Some of us have skills, some of us have money, and some of us have both. Ric uses his capabilities to service the opensource community, and for that, I thank him.

    I don't think I'll be needed anymore, but I'll be lurking. I hope turns out to be everything I hoped it would be. And sorry to Net&If, and AndrewB who worked so hard on the proposal with me. If anyone is interested in our buisness plan, I'll post it. It is, of course, opensource as well.

    Thanks everybody, what a freakin wild ride. Sorry if this is incoherant, I'm Drunk, it's my birthday, and I just lost my chance at using in the most positive way possible. I'm not sure how to feel, but, oddly, I feel pretty darned good.

    Thanks Ric, Thanks Matt, Thanks Net&If, AndrewB, and Farms.

    Here's to WordPress. May it take the world by storm, and show the full power of OpenSource.

  15. gnukerman
    Posted 19 years ago #

    The wind's a howling, the surf's a rage,
    the source is open, and sets the stage

    for those in kindred spirit's kind
    our open arms and willing minds

    for to prevail, none lay us bind

    but those who try shall always find

    as we are one and one to win
    and win we will;

    as with the wind

    it comes and goes with every sin
    with breath we breathe to calm the rage

    to find the rule to play the stage

    to play the stage one must be free
    and free we are to play today.

    CHILL OUT, dood!

  16. donncha
    Key Master
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Bravo Ric, thanks for donating the domain. Once it's more public I'll be sure to link your open domains program too from


  17. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Thank YOU. And Thanks to Matt and all the other WordPress developers.

    I was thinking about it last night: if I worked at McDs for minimum wage, and saved up my money, the amount of hours I would have to put in to pay for the domain MIGHT come close to the time you guys put into building WordPress.

    We each contribute in our own way.

  18. andrewbillits
    Posted 19 years ago #

    why is everyone being so rude to everyone else over this? I honestly don't get it...

  19. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    I am sorry if something I wrote offended anyone.
    I did get upset when I was called a squatter, cuz I like to think myself as the anti-squatter.
    It did seem to all work out in the end. Now if I could just get a hold of Matt...

  20. andrewbillits
    Posted 19 years ago #

    I wasn't refering to anyone in particular. I just wish "everyone" would cool down a bit.

    As for matt, he's very busy so give him a little time ;)

  21. aarplane
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Hey Ric, I applied for a domain.....

    aarplane AT spymac DOT com

    just wondering if you got the request or what's going on....

  22. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Please keep this forum for WordPress mu
    I just happen to post here because of the discussion of the domain WordPress.Com
    If you want some information on an OpenDomain, you can post here

  23. aarplane
    Posted 19 years ago #


    Yes... I posted there...

  24. gnukerman
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Just a question and not one meant to stir anyone else's grey cells to mudd, although it probably will. sorry.

    If now belongs to Matt, how can it's current engine indexing be cleared up and re-associated with the WPMU project and not directly associated with an opendomain project?

    Forgive me Ric, just looking forward to how the use of will further the project with it's current engine association.

  25. donncha
    Key Master
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Don't worry about it .. Google will index it in time. The PR of the site will probably go back to 0 however as the owner of the domain changed.

    Leaving on a jet plane ... :)

  26. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Google will review the site from 15 to 45 days.
    The PageRank will NOT be reset unless a domain expires.
    Note that when I aquired this domain, it had aPR of 0. This is because Google saw that a spammer had it. When I bought it and added it to the OpenDomain program, it eventually aquired a PR of 7. This is because alot of the OpenDomains being used are used by great Open Source groups.
    To clarify: This domain will always be associated with the OpenDomain program. The is required by the terms Matt accepted to receive the domain. So the link from WordPress.Com to OpenDomain.Org is permanent, and this is a condition for any future transfers of this domain.

  27. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    Matt -
    I have sent several emails regarding the domain WordPress.Com and have not received a reply.
    Note: This domain is part of the OpenDomain program, so you must accept the terms before the domain can be transfered.
    PLEASE contact me.

  28. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    The domain WordPress.Com has been transfered to Matt as part of the OpenDomain program. PLEASE do not blog about this YET as we are preparing a press release to make the announcement official. In a few days when we are ready, we would LOVE all the help we can get!
    To everyone that has recently applied for a domain from OpenDomain.Org - please be patient - we are very busy right now, and will review each request in order. Remeber OpenDomain is an Open Source movement and is done in my own spare time!
    Thank you all, and I look forward to the future of WordPress!

  29. andrewbillits
    Posted 19 years ago #

    um, why would you need a press release for a domain transfer? Isn't that a bit overkill.

  30. Ric
    Posted 19 years ago #

    We want a press release cuz
    1) The domain WordPress.Com cost ALOT, and it is pretty significant cost to us
    2) We gave it to Matt in exchange for a link to OpenDomain.Org - our own little open source movement for domains. The whole idea of OpenDomain is to get exposure, so more people can use the domains!

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