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Missing User Roles Menu Values (4 posts)

  1. agreda
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I've got a new MU install up and running as testing grounds for our pending migration of an existing site from WP to WPMU.

    At some point (not sure when), the values for the user roles have gone missing! To clarify:

    1. The drop down menu for Dashboard User Default Role (Site Admin/Options) has no values. See screenshot.
    2. Same issue with the main Users tab / "Change roll to..." menu. No values.
    3. And finally, the Edit User / Role menu only includes "- No Role for this blog -", no other values.

    Any ideas as to what may cause this or direction for how to restore these values are most greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance for your time!

    PS: I have a totally different MU install going just fine without this issue.

  2. oniony
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I had the same issue, caused by manually migrating a database and renaming the tables from 'wp_2_*' to 'wp_1_*' without also renaming the related keys in the options table - in this case 'wp_2_userroles' to 'wp_1_userroles' in 'wp_options'

    hope that helps

  3. Markus Pezold
    Posted 13 years ago #


    thanks for mention the 'userroles' in 'wp_options'. This was my last - missing - point in the migration from wp to wpmu on my local netbook. Over 150 User.

    I hope that the migration on the live system goes as easy.


  4. B1gft
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I also have this problem.

    Can you explain step by step how to sort the problem. Oniony seems to have solved it, but where do I go to do it.


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