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Slashes added to apostrophes after 2.8.4a update (3 posts)

  1. sethlong
    Posted 13 years ago #

    Updated to MU 2.8.4a last week and now some of my blog titles and descriptions are showing up with a \ in front of any apostrophes. Note that this does not appear to be a problem in the post content.

    Here's an example:

    It seems like an encoding error with just those fields and just with blogs that were created prior to the 2.8.4a update. New blogs display normally. Has anyone else seen this?

    MySQL is at 5.0.45 an the MySQL charset is UTF-8.

    Thank you.

  2. DeannaS
    Posted 13 years ago #

    Yep, I have a trac ticket in about this in regards to the wpmu-edit page.

    It has to do with the changes they made in how the kses stuff strips slashes.

    Note that the suggested fix might not be the right approach. I'm sort of waiting on Donncha to take a look at it.

    The "manual" fix is to use the blog settings - general page to take out the slash. Just go to each blog that has an apostrophe and strip it out and resave. (PITA, I know, but at least there's a fix without mucking with code.)

    By description, I assume you mean tagline, yes? I just tested that and yep, that's an issue, too, isn't it? I updated the trac ticket to make note of it.

    I had heard it happens on upgrade, too. But, hadn't successfully reproduced it - most likely because I downgraded first and then upgraded. (My coworker had it occur when we did an actual upgrade, though.)

  3. peripatetic
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I got this as well when upgrading to 2.8.4a. Two quick fixes for now:
    - Input the apostrophe as the HTML entity. eg write peripatetic& #039;s blog instead of peripatetic's blog (but close up the space I left in order to post this to the forum)

    - Do a search and replace through the database. eg.

    UPDATE wp_387_options SET option_value=REPLACE(option_value,"\& #039;","'")
    WHERE option_name='blogname' OR option_name='blogdescription';

    Once again, closing up the space. Of course, don't just take my word for it, TEST this first.

    Looking forward to a fix for this.

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