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Fresh install on Linux(Ubuntu?) on local machine? (9 posts)

  1. Raginwolf
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Don't want to give up on my project. Was wondering if I would be better off buying a new hard drive and setting my system to boot to Linux OS(Ubuntu?). As opposed to testing all of this on Windows 7 with WAMP server. Or perhaps I could just set up a Linux partition. Any tips?

    Started out that all I wanted to do was use different templates(including Comicpress etc...) in WP...was suggested to me that I use WPMU and just use the blogs...because I can use different themes/templates(customising each one). That gave me the idea to have my main site/blog(static site) be DMS Custom designs, my artwork portfolio(a gallery plus)...a sort of HQ for the rest...the rest 2, Drawings and Paintings Plus(a ComicPress site), site 3, being Community Collaborative...a social network including Buddypress and bbPress. So far I finally got all of it somewhat functional...THEN I add a simple plugin...or change permalinks and "something" breaks. I deleted .htaccess in bbpress and got that back. Whew! Still I want permalinks better than they are.(that can wait for now?) Now...I am noticing strange behavior with the links...looking at the top windows bar and what it reads...etc...just some strange stuff. Will list that when I go back through and log each discrepancy. Uggh!
    For now...would I be better off with WPMU etc... in Linux locally???
    Please help and advise.
    Thank you.
    David Sellers

  2. kgraeme
    Posted 14 years ago #

    If you are savvy with Linux, then by all means use Linux. While WordPress and WPMU will run in a WAMP install, Apache/PHP work best in a Linux environment, IMO.

  3. andrea_r
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Why not just grab a domain and a web account somewhere? There's plenty of threads aroudn here with cheap enough hosts for just trying it out.

    Less work, less expense. you could even go with wpwebhost and get them to install it for you. Then you can toss in whatever you like to break it from there. :D

  4. kgraeme
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Shush andrea_r. This is opensource. It's supposed to be as difficult as possible!


  5. Raginwolf
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Well Andrea, I do need to "go live" ASAP...sooo...perhaps I will take your advice. Think though that I will go live with my WP set up, since I know it a little(a lot) better...and just keep breaking things at home with WMPU on Linux...without having to bother with keeping things running(wamp) and messing up my ...gawk!... Windows 7 machine.

    And kgraeme, Kind of figured Linux would be my best bet. Just a hunch!

    These WP's will more than likely become a "suite" of the most powerful web designers tools available. I foresee some reeeaallly cool kickass things happening here. Have plenty of ideas of my own. Keep up the great work. It will come soon enough.

    By the way...this is my first WP site...
    A LOT of the functionality(plugins...etc...) have not been activated or used. And the owner owes me BIGTIME...not just for the site, but some artwork. Taking him to small claims court. Anyway...he has totally messed this site up. My name is all over this site...intellectual property??? How can I shut this site down...legally? I have files planted that I can use to take it down...heheheh...but, I better not huh? This site was set up with the owner in be a totally computer illiterate and still be able to add content and update his site. He never listened to me and has ruined this site. What do you guys think???

  6. Raginwolf
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Wow! Looks like he payed someone to change his site. Oh well...good for him. Looks pretty cool so far too...hmmm...jerk! lol
    Sorry about that guys.

  7. andrea_r
    Posted 14 years ago #

    You can keep the site hidden by making sure the privacy settings are checked to disallow Google.

    (and remember that will stop a lot of blogs from showing up in public listings... :D )

  8. amskape
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Hello pals,

    I Install Wordpress MU as You Directed Here. Installation is Success,
    But When I create a user Blog eg: it's name is firstone then the
    url is : http://localhost.localdomain/wpmu/firstone/ But when I visit this page I got a 404 page Not Found Error. How it can Avoid? As an Experience I copy all files in /wpmu installation Folder to this /wpmu/firstone folder. Then I got the page, but When I click some
    links like Comment , I got another page Not Found 404 Error.

    Sir , please Give a Work arounf for it .... I know Copy the Content to
    new folder is not a Solution..... I am working in Red Hat Linux Fedora
    Core 8 PC .... ok I am waiting your Reply... Kindly give a Solution as Early as Possible.....
    You can contact me :

    With Great Regards
    Anes P.A

  9. SteveAtty
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Stop posting this question on lots of threads.

    Delete the database tables that have been created

    Put your WPMU files in the top level directory and delete that WPMU subdirectory. You are trying to run WPMU in subdirectory mode in a subdirectory which is really not a good idea.

    Make sure mod_rewrite is enabled.

    Access the site via localhost.localdomain and start the configuration again.

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