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Searching in only one area (1 post)

  1. delayedinsanity
    Posted 14 years ago #

    I read a blog post that suggests you can search in only one (or multiple) categories by adding a hidden field to your form with the name being 'cat' and the value being a comma delimited list of categories to search in.

    My question, is there a way to do this to search only specific pages? Preferably a specific parent page and all its children?

    I'm debating with myself right now whether or not I want to set up certain subsections of a site I'm developing as seperate blogs (to use and abuse subdomain urls) or whether or not I'm just going to keep them as page sets of the main blog. If I go with the latter, I would like to provide a search feature specific to a certain area of the site in addition to a sitewide search.

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  • Started 14 years ago by delayedinsanity