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Registration questions re: wp-signup,php and more (3 posts)

  1. elemsee
    Posted 14 years ago #

    I'm running WPMU with BuddyPress installed on a user blog (using DJPaul's "Can I Run Non-BP theme on TLD and BP Theme on Subdomain all on same WPMU install RSS feed for this topic" solution.) All works fine. I am, however, using the dreaded Arthemia, which is not WPMU friendly.

    I seem to have three different registration processes, depending on from where you seek to "register" or "sign-up."

    there is:
    1) (which is only accessed through one link buried on the site, but the most complete form)
    3)And there is Sign Up page from BP itself:

    Each one has a different look, asks different questions, initiates a different process of reg (different confirmation scenarios, including one where the user never gets a password to sign in with.) and ultimately dumps you in a different location.

    Question: What is the difference between these three; which one is native to to WPMU/BP/? Is this a sign of a larger problem and/or have I done yet another thing to muck up the process?

    - I have several follow-up questions, but they depend on the answers to this one.
    - My question spans WPMU and BuddyPress, and think answer might also.
    - Searching on registration and wp-login has turned up a fair few forum topics, but none that seem to address this.

    As ever, thank you :) (with each question I get smarter ;)

  2. kgraeme
    Posted 14 years ago # is part of core WordPress and is designed to let people sign up to be a registered user of the one blog. In MU it redirects to wp-signup.php is native to MU and is designed as an interface designed for users to create their own blogs when they sign up. It replaces the previous one. is for BuddyPress and is designed as an interface for joining a social community.

    Each one should supercede the other wp -> mu -> bp.

  3. elemsee
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Aha. Thank you. ... Ok, in my installation wp-login.php?action=register is not redirecting. And wp-signup.php is not issuing passwords.

    annnnnnnnnnd ok, the BP one is working properly.

    If I can't figure out why it isn't directing or superseding, perhaps the workaround is simply to redirect everything to http://bpblog.mydomain/register, though that's not a perfect solution either. Ultimately, whether via wp-signup or bp/register, the user ends up a registered contributor to the main blog, which is not something I really want to happen (see project description below).

    We want users to be registered SUBSCRIBERS to our blogs, not contributor to one. Burt Adsit's Community Blog plugin quietly adds users as contributors to blogs they visit, which, again, isn't our preference and there isn't a setting for subscriber.

    About the password problem:
    In my installation, wp-signup.php screws up the password process. It doesn't ask for one when submitting details, but after verifying user is told to sign in with password chosen during registration (which didn't happen). The confirmation mail doesn't contain one either. During whole verification/confirmation process, the emails return user to, but once user attempts to retrieve password, they are sent to various permutations of the wp-login.php page, before ultimately getting their password and signed in. My theme is not displaying wp-login.php properly. (I know andrea_r has a tutorial for fixing this)

    I've written up a long step-by-step look at this problem, but will not tl;dr this post unless someone wants to see it.

    Project: Ultimately what I'm trying to do, and hope to discover a better way to do so at WCNYC, is have a site with a master/parent blog which displays, via the sitewide tags plugin, content from four "user" blogs which will serve as content sections. Only admins will control these blogs. This seemed easier than creating custom templates for categories under the main blog...

    One of the user blogs would house BP, to serve as the community center for users. We want users to be subscribers to all blogs, so comments will be tracked on their Activity profile. Users cannot create their own blogs. Some users would be designated contributors as time goes on. It was in researching how to add users to other blogs without having to manually edit their permissions that I/we discovered this weird registration issue.

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