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Is Wordpress MU for me? I'm currently using godaddy. (2 posts)

  1. neo_orange29
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I'm currently using godaddy with a deluxe account. It looks like I will need to spend another $25 a year for dedicated ip to get Wordpress MU to work for me.

    What I'm trying to do...

    I have 4-5 domain names / potential websites that will be blog based. I would like them to all appear to be on their own server to the user and what I mean by this specifically is,, etc. Is my only option for wordpress mu with a godaddy setup to have multiple blogs be subdomains such as Folders are an option for other hosts?

    I currently have multiple domains hosted on godaddy and those sites are folders within my main hosting account... how is all of this going to work with wordpress MU?

    Some of my websites will have similar content. I'm also looking for a way to post a blog update to site 1 and to site 2 if the article happens to relate to both of the sites. Can I do this from one main blog posting interface, distribute a post to multiple blogs?

    Another situation I'm interested in doing is taking a blog post from a user created blog at say and promote the blog post to the main blog if I feel the post to be ..."worthy." Is there a way to do this in the interface without copying and pasting the text?

    I would like all of my blogs and forums associated with the blogs to share the same user table but as far as I can tell I can accomplish this without MU.

    Any advice or guidance would be extremely appreciated.

  2. error
    Posted 13 years ago #

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