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  1. tantuof
    Posted 12 years ago #

    We currently have a blog called There are some of the issues we need to addressed with the template we are using. Is there any freelancer who will be willing to help me urgently.

    1. Thumbnails of pictures and videos should appear on the home page. Clicking on videos should take users to the video on the blog that has it.

    2. Short news should be recently updated blogs, and we should do away with the recently updated blogs section. The short news layout should remain and it should update automatically with the most recent appearing at the top left, the second most recent at the top right, etc. Pics should also appear.

    3. We need a ‘More’ link at the bottom of the sections in the left hand side bar.

    4. There are too many categories at the top of the homepage. We’d like to have an automated system of displaying the posts. Is it possible to just choose categories and have every new post in that category appearing?

    5. The box with ‘Enter your email address’ does not say what it’s for.

    6. There is something wrong with the placement of the ad at the top of the page.

    7. There’s something wrong with the main story at the top of the home page. Read more doesn’t fit in the space.

    We’d like you to document whatever you do so that we can learn. Also, please free to share your thoughts on what else we can do to improve our blog.

    You can contact me on


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