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  1. jmunn
    Posted 14 years ago # There you have it. A simple idea of having an open public thread or message board for anywhere you want one. Cafes, libraries, a campus, your office building, condo complex, whatever. It is a multi site install that just uses the P2 auto-updating theme along with a few code snippets provided on the forums.

    I've primarily been creating places in the San Francisco Bay Area and Berkeley in particular. However I've been trying to set up subdomain sites for other cities.

    I'd like to be able to add a field for the physical address for each thread. Also I'd like to be able to search within each site for the threads(blogs) by name and address. The other feature I would like, which I mentioned on the forums before, is a way to categorize all the threads into a hierarchy and then be able to navigate that way.

    Thanks for checking it out along with all the good code and advice on the forums. I'd appreciate any new users, advice, feedback or involvement of any sort really. :-)


  2. jmunn
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Bump because I have redesigned it and am stopping tweaks. A twitter like site for your town, campus or where ever. I made one for the Mission Bay Conference Center in case anyone wants to use it during SF WordCamp. Thanks for all the help everyone! :)

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