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How to get Wordpress MU to build a certain domain structure (4 posts)

  1. query323
    Posted 13 years ago #

    Hi, today I installed Wordpress MU for the first time. I created a domain but not via subdomain but through Domain Setup in Direct Admin. I've installed in . My goal is to create 155 new blogs using MU formatted like, however after logging and trying to create a new blog it is formatted like this xyz.blogs.domain. This is too lengthy and just not cool, so I'm wondering is there a way to fix this in its current state so that I can create all those new blogs in the format ?

    My host provider said maybe there is a way to change it in the config file but they're not familiar with it so I'm posting for help here among you experts!

    P.S: I already have a year old site setup in the root directory.

  2. basszje
    Posted 13 years ago #

    This is a problem with your provider indeed. It is possible in webservers to put a 'catch-all' to subdomain, just like it is possible to direct mail to every combinatie ( catch-all mail that is ).

    This has to the supported by the hosting provider where your sites lives though.

    Also you have to install WPMU on your domain itself, not on a subdomain, so that is the main blog for all .

  3. query323
    Posted 13 years ago #

    Hmm so I tried installing it in the domain itself , but it gave an error like something is wrong in wp-settings.php on line 68, please note I already have an established blog on there...

    How do I go about installing MU on the domain with an established blog on it and wanting this domain structure setup for the other 155 blogs i want to creat with an established blog already installed in the root directory ?

  4. basszje
    Posted 13 years ago #

    Basically you don't have so many options:

    a) more your current blog to MU too. This requires some importing and probably some pain, so backup and first test / tryout locally or somewhere where you can't hurt yourself.

    b) install MU to another subdirectory ( like /weblog/ ), but this then becomes /weblog/ on all your subdomains too!

    You can't mix two installations on the very same location.

    ( Btw if you want that many blogs but are not a pro in mu or wordpress you better dig into wordpress and the technical details or find somebody who did - that will make life easier in the long run ).

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