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Miscellaneous Problem 8-13 Nightly Build (1 post)

  1. alexk
    Posted 17 years ago #

    8-13 installs much smoothly, however, one problem has persisted in most builds I have tested/installed lately.

    As site admin I am unable to delete a 'blog'. It does ask for confirmation if I really want the blog to be deleted, but when delete button is pressed you get a blank page. I noticed in the database too that the blog doesn't get deleted.

    Second problem is:
    2- The uploaded image paths come out incorrect (at least for me). Currently for any image this is the path I am getting:

    <img src='/files/1122615850_banner.gif' alt='testimage' />

    But when I insert the above code in a blog, it gives a broken image.

    I see no area in admin (at least in this nightly build) to go and change/correct the path to the image.

    2- Related to the above image path issue, I tried to go into the directory blog.dir, to check where the images were being stored so I could figure out the correct path from there, but I couldn't go into the directory blog.dir either from FTP client or via my server control panel.

    Any suggestions to fix the 2 issues I mentioed above ?

    1-Admin can't delete Blogs,
    2-Images don't show up with the code/path generated by WP.

    Also I'd appreciate if someone can give a clue on how to get into the directory blog.dir.


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  • Started 17 years ago by alexk