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Some authors permalinks not working (2 posts)

  1. vested1
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I am using the "blog" permalink removal plugin however, I do not believe that is the source of my problem...

    Of the 40+ regular authors, 2 of them if, you click on their username in the article to filter out their posts, are missing posts from today back until mid December however, I also created categories for each author "whatever by john smith" and if you click on that category, all the posts appear...

    I did an advanced export and looked at the CDATA for one author and did not notice anything unusual, and also tried to do a restore hoping that the old data would be over written.... they both have great comments associated with their articles and would hate to delete them and then attempt to bring them back in with a restore....

    Anything I can do on the dbase end one might think of?

    P.S. all their rss feeds are working properly

  2. vested1
    Posted 13 years ago #

    Okay ,maybe this clue will help -- I have two sites that are for the most part identical, one is .net and the other .com

    The ,net site is working correctly for the /author/ url the other, .com is not associating any posts with any with the exception of one I believe, authors posts from today back to December 11th 2009

    I just had a couple of people post again and if you click on their "author" name in the post, the only posts associated with that person are, the posts from December11th backwards.

    If I were to pull on the wp_posts from the .net and change everything over to .com and the same with wp_postmeta table will I have covered all the possible relationships to the authors names and the posts?

    What I am thinking of trying if that is where the relationships between "authors" and their "posts" reasoning is to kill the tables in the .com site (well back them up and then delete) and import the update wp_posts and wp_postmeta tables into the .com MySQL

    Does that make sense? I guess the question is that simple which tables have author to post relationships so that I may do a search and replace for the to

    Thank you for your time

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