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WPMU refuses new install if Port No. in URL (2 posts)

  1. gazouteast
    Posted 14 years ago #


    I'm trying to load a fresh install of WPMU onto my local dev server - the server is a WAMPserver2 (PHP 5.3.0 / Apache 2.2.11 / MySql 5.1.36) on my Win2000 LAN server (embedded DNS / DHCP / IIS / ISA servers)

    Because IIS is needed for running the LAN (no IIS = no Exchange or ISA servers = no email, browsing etc) I've set up Apache to use port 81.

    For all scripts and services this works fine, except for WPMU installing.

    The browser URL is http://localhost:81/wpmudomain (no .tld - just a name so I can set up as many installs as I want for side by side testing and dev).

    I'm not even getting past the load setup page - it's just straight into a white screen with single text line error (no error code number) that WPMU will not run or install if the URL contains a port number.

    I've spent hours chasing round in circles on this and got nowhere other than trashing both the WAMP install and IIS and having to go into emergency roll-back to get them working again.

    Is there anything in index-install.php or elsewhere that I can tweak to get past this? I know that standalone WP did install with a port number in the URL - - - and I have previously installed WPMU to new online hosting accounts using the webspace IP and port before the domain name had promulgated out through DNS. So I am completely stumped with this.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, someone, gimme a clue. I was hoping to use the rest of this week for developing a WPMU+BuddyPress theme package for public distribution (I've actually managed to get a few days slack time to play with the idea).


  2. kgraeme
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Yeah, bottom line is that alternate ports aren't supported. Sorry.

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