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  1. LizFilardi
    Posted 12 years ago #

    When I heard about Buddypress and WPMU, I was really eager to start working with these platforms... now, after adapting my wordpress single website to this new system one month later, i'm getting internal server errors and extremely slow performance. Come to find out (through a conversation with my server provider, Dreamhost)...


    Dreamhost requires us to upgrade to "Dreamhost PS" ($$$) and, from what I have seen in the forums, GoDaddy also requires an upgrade. This seems like vital information to have BEFORE going through the installation process. There were no warnings along the way, which is extremely disappointing to me, especially since I trust the Wordpress community so much. I only want to prevent anyone else from experiencing this.

  2. ancawonka
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Well, this is definitely something that you should know going in.

    Looking at I notice that there are no "system requirements" easily linked, or, if there are, they are buried deep inside the "readme" file.

    It would really help to have this information more accessible. I have a VPS so it was never an issue for me, but I've come across discussions in the forums related to the type of servers it's best to use.

    You CAN run it on a shared server, but the amount of resources you have available on a shared environment are not necessarily enough at any given time.

  3. takuya
    Posted 12 years ago #

    You should have read the DreamHost limitation on their website, before making any subscriptions to their service. btw, I'm running one installation of wpmu/buddypress on Media Temple's (gs) without problems so far.

    But if you need to manage multiple wpmu/buddypress (for example, offering hosting to ur clients, etc) you'll definitely need VPS or semi dedicated servers.

  4. kgraeme
    Posted 12 years ago #

    QPMU doesn't need a private server. We use a shared host for quick development/testing deployments.

    But common sense should dictate that if you're running a production install that lets a virtually unlimited number of users sign up, using lots of system resources, running on a private server is a good plan and that many shared hosts might take it badly to have their servers over-taxed.

  5. andrea_r
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Those requirements are at the discretion of the hosts - GoDaddy & Dreamhost, especially if they are the kind of hosts to cram a lot of users on one box. Most other hosts haven't forced users to upgrade.

    I've written a ton about this already, and the readme and official docs on the front page cannot go into every available scenario. Partly it is soemthing close to common sense and doing your research.

    If you have a small site for testing or low traffic or a small amount of users, shared is fine.

    If you want to be the Next Big Thing, a $5/month account will not get you far.

    That is over and above any hosts that have in their TOS that you cannot give away free webspace - which is what MU allows you to do. The onus is on you, the account owner, to not install software that violates this.

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