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I need help with my subdomain for Blogs (2 posts)

  1. zastrow
    Posted 14 years ago #

    When I installed WP MU, it asked me if I wanted subdomains or URLs for user's blogs, I choose Subdomains.

    The subdomains do not work;

    But the URL path does;

    I did get an error message during install about wildcard or DNS or somthing

    What's next. I don't care what I have, just that it works.

    Should I rewrite .htaccess to redirect to subdomains or do I rewrite my config file

    have no idea where my config file is; and I' m not a .htaccess guru

    Anybody else run into this problem?

  2. onakosano
    Posted 14 years ago #

    well... if its like that, backup the themes, plugins and articles.. delete the WP/WPMU from your FTP.

    then, reinstall WP in main directory, but also create a blogs directory in witch you dump WPMU.. give them the same themes and the same menu( i am doing this right now and still struggling like hell with it..since im not that good with the css/PHP. )

    now you should have your site ready while your users will get the blogurl

    that way you will [b]NOT[/b] have any issues with articles/posts having the same name as users(if a post is called ludo and a post is called ludo you might go into the userblog when pressing the ludo article ;) )

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