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uml of wordpress MU??? (3 posts)

    Posted 14 years ago #

    I'm really trying to wrap my head around MU. If anyone has a uml, that would be much appreciated..! Thanks in advance.

  2. andrea_r
    Posted 14 years ago #

    There isn't one.

    You may be able to find one of single WP though.

  3. kgraeme
    Posted 14 years ago #

    There will likely never be UML diagrams of WordPress because it's not an OO system. Some parts are OO-like, but overall it's whatever that particular code contributor made work. There's no map, just code.

    And IMO, the point of UML is that it's done in the architecting phase. A project like WordPress would be hard-pressed to have this since it's a fluid integration of independent developers contributing to the core.

    But if you would like an ER diagram, those are easy enough to generate and someone has done so for single WP:

    If you would like to see this include MU stuff, I recommend downloading the WordPress 3.0 code from the svn trunk and figure out what's changed. The Codex is community maintained, just as the code is.

    Welcome to open source.

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