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  1. Karl Jacobs
    Posted 14 years ago #


    I'm looking for a theme that I can adapt that can serve as a "portal" page for a WPMU intranet instance for a directory of mainly static sites (mostly true websites, not blogs).

    I need to be able to build out a directory of what will eventually be ~200 or so sites that are in this WPMU instance (currently about 50 sites are listed).

    I'll have a separate WMPU instance that will have the main corporate news portal, so aggregating blog posts and such is not the key here, the "portal" in question is really about building a directory of the static content.

    (I'm building up the news portal separate so we can manage the RSS updating schedule better).

    Anyone seen any good directory portal themes? Doesn't have to be real pretty, I'm more concerned about functionality, since I'll re-skin it anyway.


  2. kgraeme
    Posted 14 years ago #

    It's a challenge. We ended up developing a whole blog topic categorizing plugin/widget/theme system for our portal.

    Big writeup on all the parts here:

    Deanna included a very basic theme for one way to do the portal aspect.

  3. Karl Jacobs
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Thanks, I'll take a look.

    What I'm currently doing is using links/link-categories, but as it grows out, the current display will be unmaintainable.

  4. kgraeme
    Posted 14 years ago #

    The approach we took was to do some mockups/wireframes of what we wanted our portal to look like. Then figured out what could be done with existing wordpress functions vs what plugins we needed to write.

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