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Fatal Error- Database Tables Missing (totally empty DB) (3 posts)

  1. darkcomedyhour
    Posted 14 years ago #


    I've found somewhat related inquiries, but nothing that has helped.

    I had an old version of wordpressmu, 2.6, in my www directory and decided to export all the info i needed, delete the install (ive kept the database), and install 2.9.2.

    The install page came up and as prompted to, I put in the name of a new sql database and a new user (with all privileges) and the password (7 letters long). I submitted this along with my other info (email, site name, etc.) and i arrive at the 'installation finished' page but when i go to login i receive the fatal error warning that database tables are missing. I checked the database in phpmyadmin and found it completely empty (i was looking for wp_site at least). I deleted the .htaccess and wp-config and started again with a new db. and that didnt work either.

    any suggestions?

  2. markpea
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Exactly the same is happening to me. I have a working 2.9.1 installation and I want to run a 2.9.2 alongside. I go through the whole procedure as you did except that I don't even get an 'installation finished' message. The .htaccess file does not get created, no database tables are created, and a ton of errors are logged by Apache. Moreover, the wp-config.php has wrong settings -- define('VHOST', 'no'); should be set to 'yes' since I'm running a VHOST. I'm baffled as to why it's screwing up a second time around...........

  3. markpea
    Posted 14 years ago #

    More. So, I'm using the latest 2.9.2. I have set up a VHOST along the lines of a similar working one.
    I have the wp-mu directory in the Apache (2.2) web root with owner:group www:www and owner:read/write access. I delete wp-config.php. I supply all the database details (I even fire up mysql and check that the database its there. It is, but no tables yet). Initially, the .htaccess is present but the install complains so I mv it out of the way. Then I get a blank page with WP-MU at the top. I mv the .htaccess back. Now I get an error message in the browser "FATAL error. Database tables missing" (which they are). The Apache log just indicates attempted access to non existent tables. The wp-config.php file is created so evidently WP-MU can write to the directory. The tables are not being generated for some reason. Not sure why the VHOST directive is 'no' but that is the same in my other working install so I'm letting that one go for now.
    This is driving me around the proverbial twist!

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