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my Blogger blog didn't migrate properly to wordpress (3 posts)

  1. marymck
    Posted 14 years ago #

    I migrated my blog from Blogger to WP yesterday and thought it went well until I started clicking on links to comments and older posts and got taken back to my old blog.

    What I did first: because my blog was at Blogger, I had to move to blogspot first, otherwise I couldn't import into WP. I installed WP on my server using Simple Scripts at Bluehost and basically followed the instructions written up by Jordan at

    The new blog is at

    The old blog is, complicated by the fact that it used to be and I redirected mcmvoices to marymckitrick, but the redirect doesn't work for the blog.

    An example of the kind of thing that is happening: there is an Archive drop-down box on my WP blog. It accurately represents the time frame of my old blog. If you click on, for example, April 2006, you get a 400 error (Bad Request). The link is

    On my public html server there is a folder called Blog that contains all the wp files and all the old files from my Blogger blog since I published the Blogger blog via ftp. In that Blog folder is a folder called 2006, in that folder is one called 04 and in that folder is a file for each post I wrote in 2006. I'm wondering if I need to move all those old folders, or rename my files, or something.

    Another example: comments. If I go to my WP blog and click on a comment, I get taken to my old blog but not to a comment. The path of the link is to the html file of the old post followed by #comments. The comment shows in my WP dashboard but it doesn't seem to show up for visitors.

    So, I'm wondering, should I move all my folders full of blog post files into one of the WP folders? It seems like it is just a case of files being in the wrong place.

    Thanks so much for reading this far. I'd appreciate any suggestions!

  2. dgilmour
    Posted 14 years ago #

    This is a single-user WordPress question, so would probably have been better asked over at

    This sounds like a Permalinks settings issue:

  3. marymck
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Thanks so much - I've reposted in support. I'm not even sure how I got here :)

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