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spipe when I click submit on install page (2 posts)

  1. ginjaninja
    Posted 13 years ago #

    I am trying to install WP MU on a fresh server (no current or previous WP installs on it) that is only running Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3.2, and MySQL 5.1.45. It's a virtual machine running win2k3 SP2. Mod_rewrite is on. I set up my vhost as localhost.localdomain.

    When I fill out the wordpress mu install page and click submit nothing happens for a while, then I get a blank screen for http://localhost.localdomain/index.php.

    When I check my Apache access log I get this msg (occurs exactly when I click submit): "POST /spipe/pkg?AgentGuid={41339692-BA1E-4FEF-B64E-68730ECE34A7}&Source=Agent_3.0.0 HTTP/1.0" 404 207

    The only thing I can find is that it is a buffer overflow. What is it doing here? I am stumped.

  2. tmoorewp
    Posted 13 years ago #

    Looks like a McAfee problem, from a quick google search:

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