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role elevation fubar (4 posts)

  1. spherical
    Posted 12 years ago #

    This one's got me going... I have one user, me, having a limited role account and tried to elevate the role from Editor to Administrator through the Site Admin account. The user admin panel shows Administrator as it should but when logging in as the blog Admin, the menu items are those of a lesser account; Editor or Author. No Appearance, Plugins menus at all and the Settings menu doesn't show the standard entries: General, Writing Reading, Discussion--only menu entries from a couple of plugins. Another user having an Administrator role does show the proper menus, so the cap system is working; just not for this one user. Even though the Site Admin and Blog Admin accounts are me, the emails are different, so I'm not seeing that there should be any connection between the two accounts, as far as WPMu knows; just in case there might be some security thing going on preventing an escalation of a user account to a higher role.

  2. dgilmour
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I have one user, me, having a limited role account and tried to elevate the role from Editor to Administrator through the Site Admin account.

    The term "limited role account" is misleading, because any account can be granted any role (Subscriber, Contributor,... Admin) on any blog.

    It would help if you could be clear, when you talk about logging in, which blog you're logging into. If you were at the backend of the main blog when you elevated your account's role to Admin, then that's the one where your account will then see the full Admin menus on login, not any other blog.

    There is a potential connection between your Site Admin account and your personal one, in that you can grant that account Site Admin rights if you want.

    Hope this doesn't offend, but I'm struggling to properly understand your problem.

  3. spherical
    Posted 12 years ago #

    "Limited role account" is used to differentiate between any standard Role and the Super-User Site Admin. All other Roles are Limited in comparison to that; even Administrator on a blog. (These two levels of Administrator accounts should REALLY be given distinctly different names!) I know that any caps can be assigned to any Role and even new Roles can be created having any combination of caps. I also know that people are nervous and knee-jerky about Roles and that they are not [supposed to be] hierarchical. Depends upon how you look at it. That isn't the point... at least here.

    The blog being logged into as (not-site)Administrator is not the primary blog; if that indeed makes any difference.

    I know that I can add any user into the Site-Admin text box. I have two Super-Users, neither of which are assigned any other Roles anywhere--and why would they?. Limited Privilege Accounts are for day-to-day editing. I need to have them all operate the same way as another Limited Privilege Accounts. One out of four is broken and not displaying the correct menus that should be assigned to a Blog (Not Site)Administrator.

  4. spherical
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Sorted it. In order to elevate a user Role, the Role must be changed in the Edit User panel AND then the Edit Blog User panel separately.

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