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SSL login/admin 404s (1 post)

  1. spherical
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I've been trying to get WPMu to open SSL connections using either force_ssl_admin or force_ssl_login. If I use force_ssl_admin and login using, the login works but URL bar doesn't show that there is an SSL connection, as others [may be] reporting when enabling this in wp-config.php--it's not clear in any instructions that I have read how the login is supposed to be initiated. It appears the force_ssl_ isn't forcing (the URL bar still shows http://). All works normally, as if I'm logging in without the force_ssl_admin directive. But, if I login with, I get a 404 on /wp-admin/.

    If I use force_ssl_login, I get a dialog showing the cert and can accept it as an exception (because the cert is a server cert--not attached only to the primary blog domain) and the process looks like it is succeeding but then the 404 happens again.

    I'm suspecting that this is related to our system having public_html and public_ssl directory structures. WPMu is installed under public_html. In order for this to work, do I have to symlink /wp-admin/ over to public_ssl or install the whole WPMu tree over there?

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  • Started 12 years ago by spherical