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Moved to Subfolder, which ones are the Databases? (2 posts)

  1. allreviews
    Posted 13 years ago #

    We are moving our wordpress installation from root to a subfolder. We have just copied the files to the subfolder and are going to change the Database permissions. When we look in PHPmyadmin we see many different databases but one has bloggs (1002) We do have 67 blogs setup on the server so I am assuming this is the one. Does wordpress MU create new tables in a database or does it create new databases for each site we create?

  2. dgilmour
    Posted 13 years ago #

    By default, WPMU keeps everything in a single database, so you've found the one you need. There are some tables with site-wide data, and a set of tables for each blog. They're identified by blog ID in the table name.

    The good news is you don't need to touch the database permissions: WPMU will use the same login as before, so permissions aren't affected by your move.

    There will be many URLs in that database which point to your root folder, and will now need modified to point to the subfolder, such as the URLs for uploaded images.

    The way I'd do that would be to take a backup of the database as a MySQL dump file, edit that to change the URLs, and restore. Make sure you've got a good backup first, though, in case anything goes wrong.

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