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Functionality questions/help (2 posts)

  1. loderdek
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Hello Everyone,

    First time using MU and I need help seeing if the functionality I want exists, I have found solutions to some of my issues but not all.

    1) Aggregated posts, I would like all posts from the various blogs aggregated to the front so a user doesn't have to check each of the individual blogs. - From research I see Site Wide Tags gives this functionality, anything easier and/or better?

    2) Blog list, I would like one of the page/menu's on the main blog to have a drop down of each of the blogs on the site. Can I make this extend through all the blogs?

    3) Privacy - Being that this is to be a family blog somethings you just don't want to share with the world, is there a way bloggers can make a page and/or post only visible to registered members? (I manually approve each user)

    4) Photo Gallery - What I'm looking for hear is to have a central photo gallery on the main page that aggregates each users gallery but also has the ability to use the privacy asked for above, to be able to flag certain pictures for registered users only. I would like to try and prevent having to upload a picture multiple times or refer them out to a users blog's gallery for a picture.

    5) A Group Calendar, a calendar that can aggregate on the main site each of the users calendars

    6) An address book, on the central site that all users can edit but only registered / approved users can see/use

    7) Font Control - Easy font control that is specific to each users blog, Font burner do the trick? MU friendly?

    Thanks for your help ahead of time =)

    - Loder

  2. dsader
    Posted 14 years ago #

    1. Nothing better than Donncha's Sitewide Tags.

    2. From home.php in the home theme zipped with wpmu:

    $blogs = get_last_updated();
    if( is_array( $blogs ) ) {
    	<strong>Updated Blogs</strong>
    	<?php foreach( $blogs as $details ) {
    		?><li><a href="http://<?php echo $details[ 'domain' ] . $details[ 'path' ] ?>"><?php echo get_blog_option( $details[ 'blog_id' ], 'blogname' ) ?></a></li><?php

    You can make that a dropdown easy enough:


    4. ??? Protecting uploaded files from unwanted viewers is not as easy as it sounds. Even though the blogs/posts can be securely hidden from public eyes, the attached files can't be hidden as easily. I don't know of a Gallery type plugin that aggregates all media into a central gallery.

    5. Install Donncha's plugin from 1 and the calendar widget on the main blog will contain posts from every blog (only public posts from public blogs are aggregated)

    6. Each user controls the data they enter into their profile page. You can write a plugin to filter the contact methods to suit your fancy. That'll get the data into the data base. You'll then need to figure out your own output page to display that data.


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