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Need Advice for a newbie on WPMU (3 posts)

  1. lawrence260
    Posted 14 years ago #

    This is a random large question for you pros from a newbie. First thanks to anyone in advance for advice.

    I learned about WPMU from a designer when I took an idea to him for a bid only to determine that I do not have the capital to start, SO which leads to LEARN the complexities of WPMU, and begin this project on my own as I go. Time is on my side so if it takes me a year so be it.

    First I am looking to start a website, in lines of a social networking theme with a per month fee to join companies with followers. Say $9.95 a month. I cant go into details of the business but just the format itself.

    basically this is going to be a facebook with a specific niche. msg board, job postings, and companies having their own page for people to follow and do business with.

    What I want to know am I starting in the right place with even going with a WPMU platform? I like the email package them that I can tie with it. Is a monthly recurring fee an easy setup with this?

    Again, I realize that I am very green at this, so I know some may think I am biting more off than I can chew but all I have is time.

    Just looking for random advice that may open my eyes and give me initial direction to look.


  2. shapipo
    Posted 14 years ago #

    WPMU is good to create a network of blogs.

    For what you are talking about I would recommend buying a clone of something like facebook and hire a programmer to modify it for your need.

    But regardless you can probably use just regular wordpress for a single site.

  3. andrea_r
    Posted 14 years ago #

    Mu will do it, so will adding a bunch of exisiting plugins.

    Big tip: if you are looking to learn and do it cheaply and get it launched quickly, compromise on some of your ideas. Getting things specially coded costs more money. If you do it all for free, it costs time.

    Take WPMU, add the Buddypress plugin - presto, facebook clone.

    Add the s2membership plugin, there's your payment system.

    Honestly though I've heard your idea before. ;) Up to you to make it work.

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