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MAJOR problem after moving MU to new server (5 posts)

  1. blog247coza
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Hi guys

    I had my MU running on a shared hosting environment using MySQL-4.1.21-standard-log and PHP4. Then about four days ago I moved the site files, database and everything else to a dedicated server running Mysql5 and PHP5. After I moved the site to this server I noticed that many of the blogs that were registered before the move weren't working and either got 500 Server Error pages or simply did not resolve.

    I thought that perhaps in the move to MySQL 5 I had corrupted some of the data so in a desperate attempt I moved the site over to a brand new server but this time I stuck with MySQL4 but the server I'm using is now MySQL-4.1.12 vs. the previous version of 4.1.21. I'm also running PHP5 on this new dedicated server.

    I thought, as it was most likely a database issue, that this problem would go away on the new server but I am unfortunately I have the same problems. The blogs that didn't work on the other server still don't work on the new server.

    I'm just not sure what the hell is going on. My system was working 100% perfectly on the original shared hosting system and since I've tried to move it everything has screwed up. I really would not have thought that moving the site over to a new server would cause such problems.

    The odd thing is that anyone who registers on the new server now has no problems. None of the new signups experience these problems so I'm completely lost

    Can anybody shed some light on this issue for me? I am looking quite pathetic with my old users as they no longer have blogs while others do and I have tried everything and can't figure it out...

  2. dsader
    Posted 17 years ago #

    If new blogs work, but the old ones don't. . .

    (I did not touch htaccess when I moved to a new server in September.)

    What have you tried in phpmyadmin? I used phpmyadmin to do sql searches for the old server url. I found thousands (I had over 26,000) so I download the entire db,(takes a LONG time) opened in a text editor and searched and replaced with then uploaded. Boom, old blogs back.

    As well, I used phpmyadmin to do a sql search for "magpie" and deleted hundreds/thousands of rss cache. Boom old feeds work and update.

    Site Admin has an "Update" that I did too, but I don't really know what it did, if anything.

    Also, I had edit paths to files in a number of themes/plugins/widgets as well.

    None of my problems were related to changing versions of php or mysql as you have done. I suspect your problems are not related to that either.


  3. blog247coza
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Thanks for the post here to my problem. Out of desperation I decided to downloand the nightly build and upload those files to the server. I was running the latest RC version so I was worried about using the nightly version but I was running out of ideas.

    Once all the files were uploaded I ran the upgrade script on all the blogs and after that all my old blogs were back and functional. I'm not what differences the nightly build could have had that fixed the problem but I am certainly very happy that the old blogs are back online.

  4. wolfspider
    Posted 17 years ago #

    I am having this exact same problem, however I don't understand the fix. Can you do me a huge favor and explain your fix. I am not sure what rows to delete in the db and what paths to edit in the plugins.

    When I try to restore my db the site comes up as blank. If I do a fresh db install and then go and start enabling plugins it inevitably crashes, but inconsistently.

    Were you using Ipower by any chance? They had two servers crash, both had backup raids. Ever since, this one blog will not work. I had it at 100% before and can't figure it out.

  5. mrjcleaver
    Posted 17 years ago #

    I've just experienced something similar - in my case I moved the blogs from a machine on mysql 5 to mysql 4.

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