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Simple Posting (2 posts)

  1. anabelle
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Ok, so im running a MU wordpress site, and i LOVE it, but my users (sadly) are feeling really scared with the admin interface... ive explained it in a million tutorials in my site, but they are still confused.

    So i was thinking about alternative posting methods so they can manage theur own blogs. First i thought of post-by-mail that is great for non experienced users, but i cant find it in MU, so i thought of a plugin. That coukld make posting easier. Maybe it could be a post page, with just a form in it, title, content, and tags or categories. Ok and also an image uploader.

    I don't know if this already exists or can be easily done. But it would be great to have it, it makes posting a whole lot easier and it maintains the site's look the whole time.

    What do you think?

  2. nexia
    Posted 17 years ago # may be a thing you'd be interested in... a bit of pression over the coder would make it WPMU compatible.. actually it works GREAT in WP!

    it's a Ajax Post in Place... great

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