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Import does not import categories (6 posts)

  1. skcsknathan001
    Posted 15 years ago #

    When I try to import, I get 2 types of errors
    well, first one is the warning that says

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/adadsat0/public_html/wp-admin/import/wordpress.php on line 101


    Since that's a warning, not too much worried.

    if a category is already found in the DB, then a DB error is displayed [everytime] and surprisingly NO CATEGORIES were imported. All were blank with category IDs!

    WordPress database error: [Duplicate entry '241' for key 1]
    UPDATE wp_4_categories SET cat_ID = '241' WHERE cat_id = '809'

    Any help?

  2. skcsknathan001
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Mmm.. It is not exactly if there is the same category it doesn't import all categories.

    I imported 5 different blogs. 3 worked correctly & 2 didn't import the categories. But that's where it gave the above mentioned DB error message.

  3. suleiman
    Posted 15 years ago #

    I'm having the same problem, and need a solution fast. Anyone else encounter this issue/know if it's fixed in the latest nightly?

  4. suleiman
    Posted 15 years ago #

    nevermind, this is fixed in the latest wordpress.php file on trac.

  5. Jaymis
    Posted 15 years ago #

    It'd be great to get that wordpress.php included in the files available for download from the main site... May prevent people migrating from WP to MU from having to google around after issues crop up 3min into the process :)

  6. drmike
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Are you saying that you want this feature or you're happy to see that it's there as the import/ exporter is included within wp 2.1. I'm a bit lost as to your post.

    Library's open but the coffee stand is still closed. I'm not awake yet. :)

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