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New plugins (5 posts)

  1. dizzy99
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Whats the best way to be kept up to date with new plugins ? I.e. mew releases and those that have been updated.

    Is there some kind of trac for this ?

  2. andrea_r
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Plugins are independant of WP, so you'd have to keep track (probably thru RSS feeds) of each individual plugin's development site.

    There are some here:
    but I dunno how often it is used, and I do know there are far, FAR more plugins than those listed.

  3. dizzy99
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Thanks Andrea thats what i thought. It would be very handy to have a central database that could keep track of these though. But when ones needs must :)

    Thanks again.

  4. azventurecapital
    Posted 15 years ago # isn't bad, but it's not complete either


  5. dizzy99
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Yes thats a great resource and i use it often. However unfortunately it doesn't seem to tell you whats new and incoming.

    Theres an opportunity here for a brand new site specialising in this. I just wish i had the time myself :)

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