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Plugin request (3 posts)

  1. dizzy99
    Posted 15 years ago #

    I have an idea for a MU plugin but unfortunately don't have the skills to write it myself.

    Anyway the plugin will be for subscriptions and will hook (if possible) into the Site Admin > Blogs menu pages.

    The plugin will be used for different levels of service provided by your Wordpress MU hosting.

    I see it as a drop down list with subscription levels you define.


    Default (standard offerings)
    Level 1 (more themes perhaps ?)
    Level 2 (more themes and maybe more plugins ?)

    A simple drop down form would suffice and we would manually edit a blog if and when they decided to take up a certain subscription.

    So a member signs up and gets basic blog capabilities, some themes and a few plugins. However if he wants advanced usage of plugins (i.e. more of them) and more themes he opts for Level 1 subscription and pays you a nominal monthly fee.

    To not get into paypal API programming etc at this stage (although the plugin would have the framework for it at a latter stage i guess), Admins would manually change the state of that users blog when the needs arise.

    Then in every theme and template that pertains to a level above default we would just insert a simple check to see if this member has rights to run advanced themes or plugins, pertaining to his level.

    It would require editing the plugins or themes you want to remain for paying customers but that shouldn't be any more of an issue of something like

    if (!subscription(X))

    At the top of the plugin or theme.

    where X is the level of subscription you set.

    Providing the check across templates as well would allow you to define advertising for default for instance, no advertising for Level 1 etc etc.

    In fact the possibilities are endless.

    Feasible ? Do-able ? Anyone willing to give it a go ?

  2. andrewbillits
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Please don't take this as me being rude. However, this is sort of a self service community. In other words, if you want a plugin you pretty much have to code it yourself or pay someone else.

    The reason for this is that most of the people that help out around here have very little free time.

    Who knows, you might get lucky and have someone code it for you but the chances are slim. :(

  3. dizzy99
    Posted 15 years ago #

    Andrew i don't think of it as being rude at all and understand entirely where your coming from.

    I just see it as something the entire community could benefit from, noticed the forum was called Requests and Feedback — Feature requests; criticism. and know there are a number of keen developers here interested in extending the system.

    All i was trying to do was highlight the potential and hopefully show the practical side of implementation and bring it up for discussion and debate.

    I am fully aware that a community bends both ways and if i can help in anyway here i certainly will. But my skills at PHP are, although hack worthy (take code from plugin B and insert into plugin C) not at the stages of full blown plugin capabilities at this stage :(

    We are all admins here and thus, for that very reason alone, have limited time and resource. However that shouldn't stop us brining up potentially new ideas to the system and trying, if we can, to improve the system.

    I hope you understand i'm not selfish and expect nothing from anybody :) I'm just in awe of the system already and just coming up with ways, in my mind at least, of bettering it.

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