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Just to say that MU is making me mad! (2 posts)

  1. tohave
    Posted 18 years ago #


    Actually this is several weeks that I am trying to make it works, but still no achivement
    I am not sure about how it works, for exemple does it make database user by itself or all users will use just one? and will it make its subdomains by itself or all users will use same domain with different themes?
    I need it to be used on my domain by giving user ability to build, edit and delete everything inside their weblog. and to give them a subdomain of my site like , and so...
    I am interested if any one can teacm me how to make it run from beggining. I am pleased and wellcome you

  2. jaseone
    Posted 18 years ago #

    You're pleased and mad at the same time? What a paradoxical situation!

    Anyway WPMU uses a single MySQL Database all the data for all the users is stored in this database.

    There are two ways to configure WPMU, you can either set it up so it uses sub directories for the blogs eg. or you can set it up to use virtual hosts eg. The latter requires configuration on your server to enable wildcard dns for * and also for a ServerAlias of * to be added to your VirtualHost in Apache's httpd.conf.

    The virtual host method is probably the most popular but there are a few around that use the sub directories as well but from what I can tell the virtual hosts code is more stable.

    At the moment though you can only set what themes and I think plugins that users can use, they can't edit themes or anything yet as there are a lot of security concerns to be addressed with that.

    As for installing WPMU you really need to read the README and other documentation, then hopefully try to work most of it out as if you can't get most of the way there I would say you should probably wait a while before trying to implement WPMU, there is still a lot of things that don't work as they should and require advanced troubleshooting so you should be willing to have to deal with coding issues as they come up.

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