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Customized Activation Landing Page (9 posts)

  1. zappoman
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Hello All,

    I am looking into building a customized landing page for when the blog activation process is complete. FWIW, I already built a custom login and signup page that has new form styling etc; and I was just about to attack wp-activate.php.

    Here are my questions:

    Is there already something out there?
    Is there a better way of doing this?

    I'm taking a hacksaw to the actual wp-login.php, wp-signup.php, and wp-active.pho files... but I feel like I'm not being a friendly citizen since it seems there must be someway to adjust this behavior using a filter or action plugin or something.

    Any help would be much obliged, otherwise I'll just be rewriting most of these files.



  2. kingler
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Search for do_action() in these files for possible hooks.

    for wp-signup.php, these are very useful.

    do_action( "signup_hidden_fields" );
    do_action( "preprocess_signup_form" );

    You can add a plugin to get access to these filters, however, i think it is still not enough. Hacking on these files is still needed.

  3. zappoman
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Yeah, I noticed that in there. But I wanted to make pretty heavy mods to the layout of the pages, in retrospect, the plugin friendly way to do it would be to handle these actions and use some combination of writing out new divs and objects, and possibly using some DOM stuff to hack around it. I use some similar techniques to add main site header and footer functionality.

    But in the case of these "core" files, it seems faster to just hack up the files to my satisfaction.

    I guess I will come back later and make it a plugin if it makes sense to ever release it back to the community.

    Thanks for the tip, I will go ahead and hack the files for now. If anyone else has a suggestion I'm all ears (eyes?). ;)

  4. kingler
    Posted 17 years ago #

    I think we should probably add this as a feature request for donncha to add more flexibility in these files.

  5. donncha
    Key Master
    Posted 17 years ago #

    A patch would be much appreciated :)

  6. zappoman
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Once I've completed my work, I will submit it back to you guys as a potential patch. I'll admit that my patch may not be deemed "code as poetry" enough to be patch appropriate. ;)

    Old C++ developers writing php is not always the best way to develop poetic php code. ;)

  7. lunabyte
    Posted 17 years ago #

    One thought on this, is that instead of the standard get_header, sidebar, and footer options, one could pass a specific theme to use to the function.

    like get_header('my-theme'), so it essentially uses a custom theme for all of this.

    The you can customize templates from there. I did something similar, when I just wanted the default theme to be used for registration and activation.

    function get_tlsheader($theme = 'default') {
    	if ( file_exists( ABSPATH . 'wp-content/themes/' . $theme . '/header.php') )
    		load_template( ABSPATH . 'wp-content/themes/' . $theme . '/header.php');
    		load_template( ABSPATH . 'wp-content/themes/' . $theme . '/header.php');

    Called with:


    instead of the usual get_header. Same thing for sidebar and footer.

    It could be modified to find out what theme you want, maybe with a site option, which you could edit from the site admin screen.

  8. zappoman
    Posted 17 years ago #

    I took a long bike ride today... that's where I do my best thinking... and I was definitely thinking along the same lines.

    I was thinking that basically, login, logout, signup, activate, error messages, etc... basically the stuff in the root directory would be cool if they loaded themes and respected the same header/footer/sidebar theme concept as blog pages.

    Lunabyte, did you make the changes you've described above to your login and signup pages already? Does it suppport themes fully?

    Anyway, I've rewritten the login.php and signup.php to use a look and feel very similar to a custom theme I've been working on, but I didn't take the steps to rewrite them to be pluggable yet... so I'm in the Hack category still.

    Like I said, once I'm happy with it working for my project, then I'll look for time to give back to the community and try to build it as more of a theme/plugin approach.

    FWIW, I also think the "root" theme (once themeized) should support widgets and other cool gadgets and gizmos. Right?

    Ah damnit, I just signed myself up for more work!

  9. lunabyte
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Well, you're "root" theme is what you make of it.

    I've done a buttload of work on mine.

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