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Enough is Enough (3 posts)

  1. gnukerman
    Posted 18 years ago #

    Briefly this evening a few of us were discussing WPMU and the level of personal and professional conduct being displayed of late.

    My friends recommended to each of us and not to one in particular. . .to leave it be.

    Me, leave it be? My apologies, not in my book.

    The conduct of late, mine included has been less than professional and will ultimately impact WPMU more than our personal professions or reputations.

    If we are here to represent WP and WPMU, we need to call a truce to all the recent child-like conduct. The unprofessional attitudes. The bickering and quite frankly the b.s., in general.

    If we are to make WPMU what we know and hope it to be, we all have to suck it up and work for the product. For the service. For the future of WPMU.

    If we are here for personal gain. Leave it at home, or leave us alone. Don't bring it to this forum. Don't play anyone here as puppets. Don't play games at all.

    If you have something to offer for the project, think longtime for all of us. If your offer isn't genuine, don't make the offer. If you offer support, back it up with action, otherwise remain silent.

    If you wish to be an active participant of this project, whether only to troubleshoot current problems or to provide modifications, suggestions and/or requests do so for WPMU.

    Children play games. If you're a child I'll buy you an X-Box, if you're an adult and wish to act so, prove it and be one.

    Support your hosts and the developers of this fantastic product by remaining silent if not offering a postive return to it.

  2. lissyx
    Posted 18 years ago #

    eh, simply didn't understand. What's the problem ? Any links ?

  3. gnukerman
    Posted 18 years ago #

    all one has to do is read the posts to understand what i mean. sorry to be so vague, but i'm waning.

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