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Simple(?) CSS Question... (2 posts)

  1. JMF
    Posted 17 years ago #

    This is driving me crazy, and I can't find a search term on the web that brings any decent results, so I thought I'd post here, since I *am* technically editing a WPMU theme... ;)

    In a nutshell, my question is: Can I style a block tag, such as an <h3> so that it is only as wide as the text it contains?

    I've got a div that's, say, 250px wide. When I put an h3 block in there, it wants to be 250px wide, as well.

    I'm trying to create a tab style for the h3, using a 'sliding' background image, but I want the tab to end with the h3 TEXT, and not stretch the whole 250px.

    Does that make sense? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated; I'm pulling my hair out, and betting it's something simple.

    For the record, site in progress is here: {colored borders are so I can see what's going on...}



  2. JMF
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Hey, nevermind! After looking at it a while, I think I'm going to go with even-length tabs, rather than having some longer and some shorter.


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