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Howto create (perma)links for my plugin? (1 post)

  1. BjornW
    Posted 16 years ago #


    I would like to create certain new links for my plugin to work with url parameters.

    Basically what I want is to have links like this:




    If the link is being used I'll grab the GET parameter and create a specific theme page using the query_value.

    Now it seems that WP Mu is using a permalink structure where the first parameter always is the blogname. Even if I change this in the permalink options. This prevents me from using a link similar to example link 1. The second link does work as expected when I type it in.

    What am I overlooking to make the first link work just as the second? Is there any good documentation about permalinks in WP MU that might help me solve this issue?

    For those curious:

    This plugin (called bbmucat for now, btw) allows one to select a number of categories which may act as an extra menu. It makes it easy for wordpress mu admins to add a menu where visitors can select a sitewide category and get a list of the last updated posts in this category from all active blogs. AFAIK this was not available and I'm creating it for a client with the possibility to make it available for others as well. In general it's really nice way to create a 'list-all-updated-posts-of-category-X' page.

    The plugin audience is theme authors and wpmu admins.

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