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Mass user removal (3 posts)

  1. viking-ice
    Posted 17 years ago #


    I'm going to setup WPMU for students and staff here at University of Iceland and I was wondering how experienced WPMU admins have dealt with mass removal of users.

    We have 700 + students and staff leaving the university every semester ( graduating quiting etc. ) and when that person leaves
    we would remove ( backup/delete ) his WPMU account.

    1. Is there an known way ( plugins/scripts) to export/delete WPMU account?

    2. What files/db/db_tables needs to be exported in case user would want to take his WPMU with him when he leaves and import his WPMU to another WPMU/WP host? possible?

    3. Does one create WPMU indivitual database per user? pros/cons?

    4. Is there any importing plugins/scripts if new users wants us to host theyre existing WPMU/WP setup? (intergrading it to an already setup WPMU )

    Best Regards
    Jóhann B.

  2. mysorehead
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Hi. I teach at a school so my needs are a bit different but I've thought about some of these issues.

    1. I like that users can use manage -> export to take their posts home when they are done with us. You could write your own plugin to export them using export.php as the base (the filename doesn't appear to be pluggable) - copy and paste the whole thing.

    2. AS above, see export.php - it creates a custom wordpress export xml file - no other files. We used the single blog pugin when we moved from multiple single wordpress installs to a sing wordpressmu installed - worked well for the students who chose to do it. Google this..

    3. We use individual blogs but double/cross post each post to a class blog as well. I like that students can modify their own blog, themes, plugins, widgets. But the class blogs give the opportunity to display aggregated class content. We are using categories as tags but I've thought about moving towards a separate implementation of tags. Otherwise yu can aggreagte the content using gregarius or lylina web-based open source feed readers.

    4. Not sure what you mean?

    Hope this helps,

  3. JanBrasna
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Generally, if you keep an updated account system at your uni, like ... LDAP ... you could probably interconnect it with the MU setup to keep the accounts up-to-date.

    Import/export is possible via WXR files.

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