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  1. awacht
    Posted 17 years ago #

    I am witnessing some behavior that seems inappropriate - I want to clarify if this is what is supposed to happen, and how to fix it.

    1) When a user signs up for just a username (account) at a blog I host - their activation email's url reflects the 'master' blog, not the one they were attempting to sign up for. Here's the scenario. USER is reading on "" and wishes to comment. Comment page requires registration, they are linked to registration page and proceed to create a user. Activation email is sent, which works, but url listed is "" --What is wrong about this is that if the user then follows the link to login, they log into the masterblog, with which they have no access. Most users would then think it didn't work, and perhaps seek support.

    2) Kind of as a partB for the above, when a user registers a username, the system doies NOT automatically add them to the blog they just registered for. I have to go in manually (as an admin) and add that user account to the blog they were trying to register for initially.

    The processes described above do everything but streamline the user registration process. There is a lot of 'admin' assistance needed just to get a user registered to comment on a blog. My questions then:
    1) Is this behavior happening to others, or is something just whacked with my system?
    2) In trying to partially fix this, I've identified to code to edit the activation link url, I just don't know exactly how.
    3) Is there a way to have the registering user automatically added to the blog, rather than requiring admin intervention?

    Thanks a lot

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  • Started 17 years ago by awacht