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WPG2 2.1 almost working, need a little help to complete ! (4 posts)

  1. new-net
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Hello, i started a thread on the WPG2 forums detailing how i managed to setup WPG2 so far (Using wp-mu 1.2.1, G2 2.2.1, WPG 2.1..

    Anyway, everything works .. exept the "post filter hook", meaning, in admin, when writing a new blog post, the WPG2/tinyMCE plugin automagicaly adds proper tags to the post, but when viewing the post on the site (or in the preview panel), the tags aren't parsed properly.

    I'm wondering if someone would be willing to give us a little help to try to figure why this hooks doesn't work as expected.

    Any clues ?

  2. new-net
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Woops, u-turn

    After some tests, and thanks to WPG2's author, i'm almost certain (*caugh*) the editor is the issue:

    If you use the builtin tinyMCE WPG2 button, the proper tags are inserted in the textarea, but if you save & keep editing the post, you see that, when the page refreshes, the textarea has lost the <wpg2id> tags..

    I think something in the form validator strips out the wpg2 tags, probabl thinking they are bogus..

    Which probably brings us back to how the plugin is setup ..

    Hmmm any ideas ?

  3. suleiman
    Posted 17 years ago #

    hmm... have you tried checking the kses.php file new-net? I remmember when people wanted to allow embed code from youtube/metacafe, they had to edit kses.php to allow for hte <embed> tags.

    If tags are being stripped then I'd put my money on kses.php being the culpirt.

  4. new-net
    Posted 17 years ago #

    Good advice.

    I tried to add the following to kses.php:
    'wpg2' => array(),
    'wpg2id' => array()

    But even than, the tags are stripped..

    They are properly (i think) enabeld, since in wp_kses_split(), i can print_r($allowed_html); and see the tags displayed..
    Even, if i echo "$string" from wp_kses(); i see that the string were already removed.

    So it might really be a wpg2 issue (?)

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